How to display URL in my ppv landing page?

Do you know how to display url in landing page?
Example: Hello visitor from (url) You won free ipad!


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Well, $10,000 (10000dollar)! LOLol

Bro. This. Is. Simple.

If you are using CPV Lab, they provide a php tag you can add to your landing page to echo
the keyword which triggered your ad – which would be the target you are popping over.

If you are not using CPV Lab, you can add something to the end of your URL like this:{keyword}

Trafficvance uses the {keyword} token to pass the target over to your URL.

Other PPV networks use other tokens, figure out what they are by going to their sites and reading FAQs or contacting them or something.

You can display your target into your landing page by using the following PHP code (GET method):

<?php echo $_GET["sid"]; ?>

Where it says "sid" is the thing you put after the question mark in your URL. It can be target, keyword, whatever you want.

If you made your URL like this:{keyword}

Then the PHP Code would be:

<?php echo $_GET["target"]; ?>

Hope this helped out bra!!

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Good man, I understand! thanks optimex

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