How to Get More Volume on PoF (Scaling)?

So right now I have a relatively successful campaign that IS profitable with a decent CTR. The problem I’m having now is getting MORE traffic from my demographic. How can I get more traffic to my converting demo? Does raising CPM bid get more traffic or what else can I do to try to scale my campaign with PoF?

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1. Raise your bids to the point where is does not bring in more impressions

2. Try different ad formats/sizes

3. widen your demographic

If you have a tight demo you will run into a shortage of traffic quite quickly.

Another option is to copy the campaign and break into a slightly different demo.

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Ok, great input. Right now my CPM bid is .16 cents but I’m still getting clicks and conversions and basically 9 cent clicks for my ads, so I’m trying to keep it as low as possible, that’s why I wasn’t sure if I should bump up the CPM. I’m also using 110×80 ads, haven’t broken through the 1k limit on PoF yet to do any other testing with bigger ad sizes.

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Like deondup said, use all the ad sizes available for each demo you target. Use all three IABs as well as the 110x80s. Also, branch out into other age groups, higher login counts, etc. Failing all else, try new countries.

eta: 16 cents cpm? Are you targeting internationally? I’ve NEVER had any kind of volume at that price in the US, CA or UK. To be honest I’ve never actually bid that low. Are you targeting AU/NZ?

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Bidding U.S. traffic. I started with .49 CPM and had .2-.3 CTR so I was like "Ok, interesting I’ll try lowering my bid" and I did that and kept getting clicks which translated into 9 cent or lower clicks and 30-40 cent EPCs so I just kept rolling with it. The offer is a bit strict though but the good thing about my campaign is that it’s independent of any "niche" exactly, so I should be able to scale it to ANY age group/country/offer etc…

User Comment:…part-1-basics/…-in-count-tip/

^ Must reads

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