How To Grap Subid’s from PPV sources using P202?

I want to have a pop lander from ppv networks that grabs attention, then directs the user to the actual lander page / flog or whatever with links to the products/cpa offers… how do i use the GET function or whatever to grab the traffic source so i know what converts??

User Comment:
To add to that, I know that on the initial pop lander I need to have something like this: $subid = $_GET[‘subid’].. And then on the actual landing page once the user clicks through, there needs to be a bit of code that attaches the subid to the actual outbound links or whatever…

Or am I over complicating things and i should just place the script p202 gives on the initial pop page, and then once the user clicks to the flog/etc the links will already be working fine?

Thanks for the help guys!

The Article Published IN 07-01-2011 01:43 AM

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