How to keep up quality on leads for auto insurance

How to keep up quality on leads for auto insurance zip/short forms?

Hey guys
just wondering if any of you got any good tips on how to stay on an auto insurance submit offer? Usually when I try, I get kicked off after around max 1000-1500 leads cos the advertiser’s ROI is too low. Even when popping over other auto insurance offers on ppv I was told to stop once since it didn’t work out on the back end.

I’ve been and am experimenting with landing pages (but honestly been direct linking nearly all of the time so far just because margins have been better and it’s been profitable with way less work, lazy I know hehe).

Would you say it’s all about preselling with a lander?


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Wouldnt the best method be to rotate offers until you find one that works for both of you guys?

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always had trouble maintaining super long term stability with auto ins. (short forms)

without knowing any campaign details a couple of quick things would be,

(age demos: the higher the better keep it at least 21-25+
angle: how relevant is it to the page/offer/insurance in general? I see a lot of people stretch really far with wacky ads and i doubt they always backout well.
Offers: as mentioned above keep testing new offers every addy is different
LPs: might as well test one if you haven’t already make a real effort to sell them hard and explain the steps/why they need to complete the entire form RIGHT NOW!

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Your aff network should be able to send you back data, showing you which demo converted and backed out. It’s the easiest way to get quality up IMO.

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Sometimes it is not just demos, it can be how the offer is presented. Stay away from saying "Just enter your zip" on your LP or your Ad Copy. Then they are upset when they have to enter more than their zip and abandon the page.

I do agree with Mr. Green, if they have the offer direct then they should be able to get some type of feedback from the advertiser on who converted / who didn’t on the back end.

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Thnks for some awesome tips guys, will definently check with my affiliate manager about getting some data

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