How to Monetize a Tech Related eBook


We are selling a iPhone/Tech Related eBook and I just joined StackThatMoney the other day and came a cross Co Reg / Lead Gen information so i was thinking how i could maybe integrate this into my back-end to increase income per customer.

– 1: Co-Reg?
What’s the potential earnings per lead here? What’s the best company to work with?

– 2: Lead Gen?
What the best company to work with?

– 3: Ringtone Offer:
I was thinking to create a contest for our customers something like:
"Win an iPhone/iPad" by completing a form + signing up to a FREE ringtone offer.

I was looking for companies that have 1 UNIVERSAL link for most countries so that i can send all my traffic to 1 link. < does anyone know of such CPA companies?

And what’s the best CPA network for ringtone?

I’m open for any other suggestions you guys might have.

Thank You

The Article Published IN 08-09-2011 08:24 AM

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