How to Optimize multiple images fast

web based:

Windows version:

– after install you will have a right click options to optimize images.Just select 1 image > >then right click it and select optimize here.

– if you want a better quallity right click and select "optimize image as…" and play arround with the settings.You can also change the format by just replacing the (.jpg) in the save to field.

Here is an example – image 1 original size 631 kb – and image 1 after optimized 111 kb.


1 optimized

The watermark logo from image optimizer shows up only on big images.If you don’t want it just crop the image or buy a licence from their site.

Hope this can help you .

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thats awesome

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Nice little tool if you need to do it to multiple images at once!

If you use Photoshop there is a very simple to way to significantly reduce the size of images.

Instead of using the normal "save as", go to file – "save for web & devices".

Then you choose jpg in the top right corner which allows you to set the quality from 0 to 100. I usually set it around 50-60 depending on the image with no noticeable quality-loss at all. And the size in kb is often reduced to 1/4 or even more. Just a little tip that REALLY helps when there is a size maximum for banner ads on certain traffic sources.

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does this even make a big difference? both images loaded the same for me…

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dont upload on imageshack

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