How to resize photos HELP!

I know this is probably a total newbie question, but how the hell do you re-size a photo? And, is there anyway to do it for free? I cannot figure out how to get a photo to exactly 110×80, which is the dimensions my photos must be according to pof?

I am doing my first POF test campaign and I cannot figure out how to get a photo re-sized to 110×80!

Can someone please help!!


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This is entirely free

Open pixlr editor ———–> Open image from Computer ———–> Go to "Image" ————> Click on "Image Size"

After all, it will be self-explanatory.

Hope it helps.

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Other free options:

On the PC: open the picture in Microsoft Paint. Click on the "resize" button. Deselect "maintain aspect ratio." Change the values to whatever you need.

On the Mac: open the picture in preview. Go to ‘tools’, ‘adjust size’. Deselect ‘scale proportionally’. Change the values to whatever you need.

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why was there a thread started about this?

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1. Download Gimp.
2. Use Rectangle Select Tool, Select your area, Image CROP TO SELECTION, Image SCALE IMAGE 110×80.
3. ????????
4. Profit!

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This comes in handy if you are trying to re-size a bunch of pictures at once:

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Photoshop works great for this you can re-size thousands of pics at a time.


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I think Gimp is the easiest!

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Simple as hell

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