How To Setup A Webmail server?

I think we need a section for email marketing.

I’ve been looking to do mailing, but aweber is pissy and doesn’t like me so I lost all my subs from my blog as well. I want to build my own webserver to mail whenever I want. Anyone know how to have one that also inboxes?

Would be cool if some one knew

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why don’t you change to others, icontact

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What I’ve done to avoid being at the mercy of Aweber or some other service like that is to use Interspire‘s email marketing software. It will cost you $495 for a single user license. But how it works is you download it, install it on your own server, and then you manage all your autoresponder campaigns through the interface. The best part is you can link it with an SMTP account so they do all the actual mailing for you, ensuring much higher delivery rates. I suppose could still say they don’t like your mailings if you’re sending spam, but at least you would still own all the list data.

It does take more set-up/programming than something like Aweber, but I hired a good Indian web developer to do all that for me fairly cheaply. If you’re just experimenting with emailing it’s not worth the investment. But one of the real benefits is the flexibility it gives you around opt-ins. For example, you can import contacts as "double opt-in", instead of needing to have the service re-confirm their opt-in, which Aweber requires I believe. So you can do things like take all site registrations (which you don’t want stored in Aweber’s database), and import them into Interspire for the emailing part, without having to re-confirm their subscription.

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I second Interspire combined with -> works well enough for me. Missing some features though and some things are cumbersome.

On the plus side, you can find it on the internets for free if you look around

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If you want to use your own server – you must be prepared to spend some time on tech stuff (SPF-records, DKIM/DomainKeys/SenderID etc.) Inboxing is really not easy and you will run in to an IP blocking now and then… I would recommend using a hosted solution like iContact, if you don’t want to spend at least 5 hours a week maintaining your server and reputation. If you insist – you could use InterSpire with a dedicated server (choose a host specialized in Email marketing – I could recommend to contact Nick Keefen (… I used them for Interspire hosting for the last couple of years and they are really good at it…

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