How to split test images

Hey guys,

I got some good campaigns running right now on Facebook and I still want to increase the volume for these offers. I have like 300 images I’d like to test and I’d like to know how you guys are working to test them out when you have the problem of having one ad that is sucking all the traffic so we only have 1-2 images that are being tested, and it gets even more complicated to do this if you want to split test ages in the same time.

How would you guys do it?

User Comment:
Pause the ads getting all the impressions. Run it, see which ones are getting good CTR. Then copy that ad into another facebook ad account, if you have one.

User Comment:
Recently I’ve put around 50 ads per campaign;
1. I’ll run 10 ads at a time, and will usually know the better ones after they see 5k impressions each
2. I delete the bad ads, pause the good ones
3. repeat step 1 with 10 new ads
4. repeat step 1&2 with all the ads
5. Copy the top ads from the 50 ads to their own campaign (usually 2-4 ads make the cut)
6. repeat that all again.
I’ll eventually have 5 campaigns or so with 2-4 ads each all active and performing well, and this is the way i see the most CTR. I know a tool is coming out soon that will make everything i just said automatic, but i have no idea on the ETA, and i think the price is high.

A couple months ago this wasn’t that big of an issue, all my ads always saw close to equal impressions.

The Article Published IN 04-25-2011 05:56 PM

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