How to track this with CPVLab?

hey guys..

Ok, a bit different of a situation.

Different campaign that has the following:

– 4 lead capture pages
– "thank you page" has multiple recommended offers on it
– doing single optin right now

This is what I want to track:

– optin rate for each lead cap page
– revenue generated from the thank you page per offer if possible
– ongoing revenue via email followup

I know for the last request I can setup and assign an e-mail followup campaign.

And it "seems" I need to setup a Lead Capture campaign for the first part.

However, the issue I’m having is that CPVlab wants me to put the "base3.php" links as the links on the thank you page, however, each link goes to a different offer, and I don’t want to randomly rotate them.

So, I could use just static links which is fine, but is there not a global pixel of some sort to place at the network, so CPVlab can tell me which lander generated the rev?

Thanks in advance.

The Article Published IN 07-28-2011 11:57 PM

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