How Would You Adjust Your Bid Here?

I’m curious to see how you all would adjust your bid in this situation. On FB I’m targeting an audience in the US of ~650,000, ages 18-40, men and women. It’s a gaming offer and I’m targeting likes of similar games. My top performing CTRs are ~.14%-.21%.

Here is my top CTR ad
CTR – .214%
Impressions – 77,026
Clicks – 162
CPC – $0.30
Suggested Bid – $.30-.47 USD

In this case, would you set your bid down below the minimum, just above it, leave it alone, etc? My EPC’s right now are around $.25 on average across all ads, and this one in particular is about $.21.

I’m definitely not great at testing and optimizing here, I tend to let shit run too long in hopes of getting my CPC down. In any case, I’m curious to see how those of you who are doing well on FB would adjust this (if at all).


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Hey Danny,

If your Suggested Bid is $.30-.47 USD, then i would lower your bid to $0.24. I think any lower and you won’t see traffic.

What i recommend you do next, is break your campaign with your top 3-5 ads into men/women, all in age groups of 3-5. Track everything, then you’ll know your best converting demos and you’ll probably be able to receive much chpeaer clicks than 0.24$. Also you’ll be able to up your bids in certain demographics (if you need to) because they will have higher than normal conversion rates.

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What stacks said PLUS

Stop being a pussy and go CPM. With those CTRs sometimes it may back out to cheaper clicks.

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JFC man ok I’ll try CPM

For the current camp, I’ll drop the bids a bit, and in the meantime I’ll get campaigns going in parallel to split test the age groups and gender. I’ll also setup a CPM campaign with these and see how that works.

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Ok, so just a quick update. I setup 11 new campaigns, same interests as my original campaign. I took my 5 best performing ads and copied them into each campaign. One campaign was CPM and kept the wide demo (male and female, 18-40). The other campaigns were broken down into gender and age groups, 18-21, 22-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40. I’m still going through everything, but all in all I spent about $260 on the day and made just under $160. I’ve got quite a few of the ads staying in the .22-.28% and my best ad is hanging in around .33% after 33 clicks. This one is still pulling down $.39 cent clicks with suggested bids at .62-1.17?

In any case overall, the CPM campaign didn’t work out too well. My average CTR was around .03-.04% and conversion rate was 12% with .21 EPC. Problem was my CTR was so darn low, I couldn’t get clicks for less than $.58 cents.

There are some interesting patterns. First off, the older age groups by far have the highest ctr, with the 18-21 females being the worst, followed by 22-25 female and then 22-25 male. 36-40 male is showing .228%, .247% and .338% for the good ads, and leading overall in CTR. I’m updating my 202 right now with click costs and such (THANK YOU Besmir). My overall stats seem to still be hitting an average CR of ~17% and $.30 EPC. If I can just get my damn CPC down I can start making up my losses.

Anyway, I’m debating whether I should start up my wide campaign again with more established history on some of the higher ctr ads, or just keep tweaking these. I’ve got 110k-250k audience per group so that seems large enough to pull a good 8-10K clicks out of each…

In any case, I’m open to suggestions, obviously I’m no pro here, down a few hunday on this campaign. It just seems like this offer and angle should have potential. If I’m pulling .18-.32% CTRs I’d imagine I should be able to get down to at least the teens no?

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A 0.32% CTR should see approx 9-14 cent clicks depending on the demo. Let it run to approx 100 clicks and see what your suggested bid is then.

You were seeing higher CTR for older groups, what about a higher CR, notice anything specific or just ~17% across the board?

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Higher CR too, about 22% for the 36-40 men and 28% for the 36-40 women. Overall average is around 17% with some of the lesser performing groups around 13-14%.

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Ok, just a quick update. Good news and bad news.

First the good news: positive ROI. I ran my general, wider demo campaign for about an hour this afternoon and saw a 48% positive ROI. I paused the poorly performing ads (including high-ctr poor cr ads) in the remaining cpc campaigns and ran them for about 2.5 hours in the afternoon. I have a ton more data now and have a good grasp of ads that simply won’t perform. Overall I went from losing $107 with a -39% ROI yesterday to making $7 and a positive 4.4% ROI. I’ve gone and paused ads that were either so/so yesterday or just had too little data to fully judge, and am left with solidly performing ads with ROI from 20% to 180%.

Now the bad news. When I came back home this evening I saw an e-mail from my AM saying that the offer is being paused until further notice (likely sometime next week) as they are ramping up to launch the beta of the game. So I was all ready to relaunch some evening campaigns and go full bore tomorrow, and now I’ve got to hold off. The LP will now possibly change to some extent so I guess I’ll be testing that some more when it launches and hope I can keep the CR up. Overall my general CR went up to 20.6%

For the high ctr ads, a number of my mid .2x% and my single .3x% ad had cpcs from .16-.19, so they are coming down with volume. Thanks guys for all your help, you rock! I’m hoping this offer opens up again soon so I can run with it. In the meantime I’ll look for some similar types of offers and approach with the same type of angle, etc.

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