How would you go about in lowering this bid ?

How would you go about in lowering this bid ?

Facebook suggested bid .08 – .15 USD

I have been running this campaign for a few days now and started my bid at .51 cents (half of the min suggested bid) with a pretty large demo. I have read about how to lower my bids and have tried the 20% lower than fb min suggested bid but saw a drop in impressions and CTR.

Looking at this does it look like its possible to go lower and get penny clicks in the .03 to .05 cents range?

Facebook suggested bid .08 – .15 USD and I’m bidding .15 and paying .13 overall for the past few days

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c’mon someone help me get to the GREENS

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well lower at a 1c at a time see what happens…..there are limits to what can be done….at some point no matter what your ctr is… wont get cheaper clicks……

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when you say at some point no matter what my ctr is I won’t get cheaper clicks

Are you saying that the facebook min suggested won’t go any longer ?

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That’s a pretty sweet CTR, depending on the demo you could definitely go lower.

Here’s what i suggest:
– lower your clicks (like polar said) by 1 cent for every 20 clicks you get (this is just your safest way)
otherwise just lower by 2cent every 30min

I personally think you should be able to pay 0.07 – 0.08 cents and hit 0.04 – 0.03 cents per click, but just do it slowly

The Article Published IN 09-23-2011 07:57 AM

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