How you started?

Hello, this is my first post so I would like to welcome you all

Could you share the information what was your first network and whether it was hard to you get there? I’m just beginning my adventure with the AM and I promote products from clickbank. I do not earn coconuts but it’s important that in the PLUS

Complained to several networks, but got no response from any of them …
I do not have website – promote on the PoF, I want to play with the ppv but CB no good offers (or at least I have not found such.)

Can you recommend me a network that accept beginners but challenging?

User Comment:
Hey welcome on board!

I would suggest starting with Wolfstorm since they accept beginners.

When you get some experience you can apply to the bigger networks.

User Comment:
WSM are great guys, we accept publishers with referral (if they have one, and no experience – they can still get in).

The Article Published IN 06-08-2011 02:55 PM

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