Howdy from Finland

Hello everyone!

One new member here. Have been making (small) money online for some time now, currently around ~1000 USD/month. SEO and local clients (all in my own country), but am getting fed up with these games…takes ages to see if I did something wrong or right.

Ready to step into paid traffic and English soil, and it seems to me that I have arrived to the right place to get proper support in doing this – seems like there are some great brains aboard. PPV (Lead Impact) will be my first weapon of choice and am going to spend my current profits to buy traffic, track, and eventually kill it.

Looking forward to bug you with my questions and, later on, share some results as well!


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Welcome on board Lismos.

Always good to see other European affiliates on board.

If you are starting with LI I’m the one you should bug with questions

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Tervetuloua! Miss Suomessa s assut? (Olen kynyt Helsingist, Tamperella, ja muuta.)

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Welcome to the community, let me know if you need any help!

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Hi Lismos… Nice to have you here…. I’ve done a little email marketing in Finland – have a couple of opt in lists with a total of 150K subscribers

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