Howdy ya’ll, from Calgary, Canada

Hey all,

After hearing Ryan (Eagle) and the guys from CPATrend rave about this place, I finally gave in and joined .

Now that I’m here, my mind is literally blown wide open. I’ve learned more in 20 minutes than in years of affiliate marketing training (outside of EWA’s awesome guides of course ) . I don’t think i’m gonna get any sleep, if at all, from here on forth!

Also, just a bit of background. I’ve been running an SEM firm / offline consulting biz for quite a few years now. Getting a bit tired of dealing with clients and so i’m pretty much bound and determined to switch over at least 50% to affiliate marketing from here on forth. I’ve had some decent success over the past couple of years of doing this, but now its time to ramp it up!

– Gaurav

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Hey! Welcome on board.

There is a lot as you have seen.

Key is to pick something, and stick with it for 30 days. Give it a real good go, before attempting something else.

PPV or Facebook are great places to start.

Check out the new course e put together as well.

And…it would be great if you could share some of your experiences, tips, tricks and successes of offline cnsulting.

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Welcome… I’m in Calgary too. You’ll enjoy this place for sure.

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Wow, quite a few of us from Calgary. Go Flames Go!

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Another Calgarian here

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Thanks tijn, that’s some very sound advice here. I’m sticking to one niche, and one niche only these days until I max it out with all my traffic sources .

And, wow, its awesome to see so many marketers from Calgary here. It may be worth doing a Calgary STM meetup someday

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Ya thatd be cool, i didnt think there were many cpa guys here.

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Looks like we might have to fly to Calgary! Glad to see you signed up Gaurav!

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Welcome to the community mate!

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