Huge LI click discrepancy -> help??

Here’s my dilema:

Leadimpact tracked 9500 views to my LP today.

Prosper202 tracked 390 views to that page and 160 to the offer page (.41 CTR). The conversion rate sat around 3.75%, 6 conversions. Now all of this makes sense except for the fact that LI tracked 9500 views.

The results (based on the magnified version that was reported) should have been 3895 views to the offer page with the 41% CTR and 146 conversions with the 3.75% conversion rate.

This is the first time I’ve ran traffic to my own hosted site and I’m scratching my head wondering where the traffic went. I use a VPS through Hostgator that apparently "loads instantly" for the customer service rep. But the only assumption I can make is the page isn’t loading fast enough so the user clicks "x" before the content is ever displayed.

I have close to no web 2.0 knowledge so I would love for someone to fill me on on this all. What are some other possible reasons for such a large discrepancy? I guess while we’re at it too, how do you pass the KW variable from landing page to network?

Let me know guys, this is one of those "a-ha" moments in life if I can just figure out how the hell to actually get the traffic to the site without problems. Any knowledge on this is very much appreciated.


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This is hugely frustrating and ive been in the same place wondering where all my traffic went

leadimpact click discrepancy normally is around 10-20%.

So your case is way way way outside the norm.

This suggests something went wrong.

First – make sure there are no issues with your tracking server. The best way to do this is to sign up for a free account at pingdom and setting up a job to ping your site every 5 minutes for a 24 hour period.

If your load time from pingdom is >1s or you have many "lost" visits cause pingdom could not reach your site then this suggests that theres something wrong with your hosting.

If thats the case go back to hostgator and show them the data! If they are unwilling to sort this out -> move! to someone like Storm on Demand or Beyond Hosting.

If pingdom results are fine, the problem must be on Lead Impacts side.

Log a support query with all your data prepared. They have been known to give a refund in rare circumstances where the click discrepancy was too high.


ps. Ive changed the topic of this thread to better reflect its subject.

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appreciate the help this far Tijn!

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Just as an update, I’m actually having the LP pinged (using the prosper202 link for the test). Should I also check my self-hosted prosper202 URL? If the issue was that the user viewed and clicks just didn’t track it wouldn’t be that big of a problem, if my CTR and CVR rates stayed consistent. But my aff commissions just don’t reflect anything close to that, it’s why I’m so certain the page just isn’t displayed correctly to each user.

It’s frustrating to be this close to profits and have to deal with 1 technicality…….aqtwryjnteynetymetuy6

Thanks again.

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Use the same URL you entered in the LI campaign, which is probably your p202 link.

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Yea that’s exactly what I did. It’s reporting now problems with the page. Hosting seems to be fine, but is it just coincidence that the first time I run a self-hosted page, LI has a MAJOR glitch? I still feel like it has something to do with prosper slowing it down? I’m going to try a new page tomorrow with a lot less content to see if that improves. What should I say to LI next?

Also, does anyone know about tracking subids across a LP to the offer page? Subids aren’t getting tracked to my aff network.

This is really helpful!

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Did they admit there was a problem? Then they need to refund your clicks. If they are saying there was no problem and are pointing the finger at your setup then there is little you can do unless you have more specific evidence.

re: subid tracking in p202

the subid is assigned when the user clicks on your popup and goes from your p202 server to your offer. you therefore need to check that:

* 1) your link on the popup is the link p202 gives you, and your not linking directly from your popup to the offer page
* 2) you entered the [[subid]] token in the right place in the offer URL -> check the tutorials on the p202 sites for help with this

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