Hva skjer?

Forgot to introduce myself before I started commenting on posts! Rude.

I’m Morten out of Norway. Currently, I’m travelling the world with my ASUS laptop & try to put in some work sessions wherever an internet connection pops up. Currently staying in Slovenia, which is a small countries with a lot of castles & two kinds of beer: The green and the red one. Next stop: Berlin.

I’m doing OK with my affiliate stuff, though need to ramp things up. A bit confused about what to do next. Kind of like the feeling you get when trying to choose which kind of serial you want in an American supermarket. I joined these forums because it felt like the place to be, and when I’m at this party, I know it’s the place to be.

Reading through the posts here and taking some notes. Case Studies and the guides seem super.

Anyhow, here I am, and nice to meet you all.

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welcome….ya there is alot here don’t let it overwhelm you……best thing you can do to get started its pick a niche, traffic and start a follow along….always happy to help

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Always nice to hear from our Norweigan buddies. Welcome!

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Hello and welcome! Yes, lots of cereal

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Heyooooo! Welcome to the community, let’s make some money!

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