I fucked up – and i feel horrible.

Ok guys, i want to share a very big mistake i have made, so you will think twice before doing something risky and because i just feel horrible and lost my motivation..

I was finally doing well in this industry after all those months struggling, i was making a good amount of profits this month and felt great.

At one network i earned $5K and i was going to get paid soon.

I was running clean traffic all the time, and i wanted to try a new angle.

For this angle I used a sports team, I made a LP that i copied from the offer, and offered discount on tickets, which don’t exists.
This campaign really sucked, i spend around $70 bucks and earned only 6. but i forgot to stop this campaign.

So the next day i was told to hold traffic asap and had to call the network about this campaign i was running, and that it was illegal and stuff.

So i did ofcourse and told my story – I am new in this game and I really did not know this was SO WRONG.

Results : Banned from the network . And i wont get paid for ALL traffic, not only for this offer, but all traffic to all different offers. $5000 GONE – i wont get paid, for all those legit campaigns i ran , i wont get paid – for all those hours i worked to get these campaings up – i wont get paid.

I spend roughly $2500 to make $5k. So i LOST that money by spending 70 dollars digging my own grave.

I really feel horrible about this for the network and my self, and i feel helpless because i cannot do anything to get my hard earned money! that $4940 worth of leads were all legit! They wanted me to proof the campaigns were legit – i send them my ads and stuff , so they will be reviewed but they told me not to count getting paid.

This kills my motivation, i don’t wanna do anything anymore, and i feel so bad.

So guys, think twice before doing anything risky !

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Ouch that sucks big time, is it a reputable network? I would have thought they would try and fight for you to get the money that’s legit owned. I haven’t really done much with daily deals still (although I keep saying this week I will) but it seems a lot of people stretch the truth about what the deals are.

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Who was the network?

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You should definitely fight to get at least half your earnings to pay for your expenses. There is no reason for a network to withhold all your earnings due to your mistake (unless you’re telling us a different story on your side.)

This is also where networking might help you as knowing a few good affiliates in this industry will give you some leverage in a situation like this.

Never promote something the offer does not provide. Even if you did get paid, the network might ban you from the offer. Withholding your entire earning due to self-misconception of the offer is quite excessive though. Keep calling until you get someone in management, never rely on your affiliate manager to resolve your problems, except for payment bumps.

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Yeah it’s a reputable network. I’m not sure it’s wise to mention the name so i wont. They had problems with the advertiser they told me so that’s why they are so pissed. But i talked with the owner about this and he told his story about this stuff and he had to clean it up, but that he can understand my mistake because i am still new in the game and stuff, and if i could proof my stuff is legit i get paid. But i needed to send all stuff about the sports campaign to let them see how long it was running and how many leads it generated so they could show it too the advertiser. He was actually nice , but i guess he wanted me to give him what he need to show it to the advertiser.

Called my AM today and she told me i won’t be running stuff for them anymore and don’t need to count on getting paid – she’s waiting to get my legit stuff reviewed and will contact me… atleast that’s what she says. But i will contact the owner again later this week if i can get some contact details.

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that’s the least, they should pay you for the valid leads…a good network would go to bat for you, so am surprised these guys are caving in so easily…

Hope it works out!

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@marcovandaar I feel you bro’. A few years ago I got caught up for some stupid shit and lost over $50k in commissions. I felt like complete shit and was seriously depressed for several days. Keep your head up and work with the network to try to get back what you can. Once you get that settled and your head straight, start grinding away again. You earned most of that $5k legitimately and can do it again!

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Yep Marco that does suck, I’ve had it happen before too, but try not to worry too much!

– In a nice way tell the network you WON’T stand for that and you made the money legitimately and you really don’t want to turn this into a big issue. Tell them you’d like to work with them in the future, and you won’t leave until your money from legitimate leads is paid to you!
– Like others have said try to go through the owner or manager instead of your AM, unless they’re a very experienced AM (which there are many of), but if it’s some guy who doesn’t know much about aff marketing, don’t bother discussing getting paid with them.
– We’ll get you making $ again no worries, you know your daily deal offers now. Once your feeling better you can run leads again with another network (best plan) and we’ll help you make $!!

Keep your head up

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Here is a post by Ruck (C2M)… that you might like. Hopefully you get paid on your legit/Quality leads. Keep-up the hustle bro.…or-of-success/

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Just keep on trying to fight if you did do legit traffic then you should be paid and they should only forfeit the legit earnings. Ive been in a similar situation where a network burned me for 15k on email submits. I feel your pain

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Guys thanks for the support, it really helps me to keep my head up! I’m lucky its only 5K as you guys have lost much MUCH more for some shit !

I’ll use your advice and gonna have a talk with the network owner today – i’ve found his AIM.

rezstarmedia: thanks for that ur, it was a good read for sure!

I’ll update you guys here about the situation, and in the meantime … make some money!

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Hey man, shite that really sucks!

Really hope you can get your legit $$ back man, keep us
posted and let us know if there’s anything we can help

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If you don’t mind, can you PM me the network? I rather not take the chance of working with them. I’ve had a very similar situation happened to me, spent 3-4k to make 8k in a couple days and only got paid $4k (thank god I broke even or very little profit) after weeks of going back and forth.

Its the worst feeling in the world and took me forever to get back into advertising again. I learned my mistake but still don’t want to take chances, so if you don’t mind PMing me the network.

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I wish to know the network as well, please PM me as well.

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Same with me. Would really appreciate it if you PM’d the network.

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PM the network too bro. I wouldn’t want to work with that network, if they wanna act like that.

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Wow bro that sucks. Hope you get at least your expenses back.
Screw your AM and talk to the owner directly. If its a reputable network they will offer you some kind of compensation to avoid negative reviews imo.
Could you please PM me the network as well?

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Guys, after i have talked with the owner and know what he says/does i will mention the network. At this point i really only talked with my AM and she doesn’t help me

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Yeah if they dont treat ya right give us the goods on who they are.. Im sure we would all like to know which networks are flopping on people like that!

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Originally Posted by unicursal

Yeah if they dont treat ya right give us the goods on who they are.. Im sure we would all like to know which networks are flopping on people like that!

They probably don’t even exist anymore

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Holy crap this was resurrected! Old news..

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Thanks for sharing your story. It’s always good to read not only the good one but learn from others mistakes. I hope by now 2014 your doing much better. 🙂

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