I need help to build my Adult email list…!

Hello STM members.

I try to build a list in the adult market. I try 5 different LP and the op-tin is not good.

I now….my LP are not good! The traffic is good but I try to find a good LP to build my list.

This is my last LP:…ethFicken.html

I target the Germany market. Pleas help me to become the best Affiliate in the Germany Market

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never having done it for adult so this is just a guess….its gonna be tough…..not a niche people are willing to give their personal info out for…..only way I could think you could do it is via some kinda incent….like access to a video….but the quality wouldn’t be great either…..

I think you need to come up with a good reason that appeals to your audience WHY they need to give you their email…..

you could test the whole e-whore fake chat stuff as well….but again quality would be an issue just have to have a plan as they will think its coming from the "fake" girl who got them to sign up

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true…when I send the traffic direct to my LP is the ROI very good… I just thought to build a email list to promote more CPA offers to them and maybe after create a Dating or live Chat program to them…..

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Why not just hit them directly with LP / CPA offers?

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The best is to send them first to a LP, I try direct but not good conversion. I try to build a long term business… promote to my list!

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Mr Darko, I know you have success doing the same technique with other niches, however porn is a different monster.

1. Use naked girls on your lander!

2. Make your lander look like whatever site you are advertising on e.g if you were on Pornhub use black and orange with the same font.

What ad ctrs are you getting? Guessing this is on TJ?

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Kia Ora

The ctr is for Germany 0,42% and for France 0,90% This is on Exoclick.

Don’t have the time to try TJ. I’m now 2 weeks back in Slovenia.

Lorenzo, u remember my POF campaign? Is the same CTR and 100% ROI a day

The Article Published IN 09-06-2011 12:13 PM

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