iContact kicked me out

I have a double opt-in list which I wanted to push bizopp offers to.

I got an account at iContact and loaded the list into it, and sent an email leading to a fnews lander.

The emails weren’t sent out, and they told me this
"After further review of your account, we have come to the conclusion that content you are sending is in contrast with our Prohibited Content and Commerce policies. Any content that is related to pyramid schemes, multi-level channel and/or network marketing opportunities, including, but not limited to personal work-at-home offers promoting "get rich quick," "build your wealth," and "financial independence" offerings is prohibited.

For this reason we have made the difficult decision of discontinuing service for your account. Your account has been disabled and will be scheduled for cancellation on 8/30/11. During this time you still have the ability to retrieve any lists and/or content that you wish. After 8/30/11 the account will be permanently closed and inaccessible."

Any other ESPs that I can load my list into and have high deliverability rates, that won’t kick me just for mailing about bizopps?

I don’t want to send from my own server using Interspire.

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Pyramid Schemes? Was it a Social Security mailing?

What a pain.

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I can tell u all after being at LEADSCON and talking to the big cheese’s you are going to see more and more of this on every level.

try robomail

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Hard luck. Aweber are just as bad.

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Aweber is much worse. Get with a rep over at iContact. Also, it’s usually best to have a nice site to build the list off of and then send out branded emails from that. Make an opt-out at the very top, then a branded looking headline banner of some sort with a logo. That helps a lot. The go newsletter format this usually works.

I haven’t tried to mail bizopp thought which may be problematic in itself. That’s why as a network we’ve mostly moved away from the vertical. To much drama.

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I’ve personally had good luck with Get Response. They’re cheaper than AWeber and (IMO) a much easier interface to use. I hated AWeber’s interface with a passion.

And whenever I’ve had a support issue I’ve gotten a reply within 24 hours.

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^^ same, I use GR as well

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Try Interspire Email Marketer, it’s self hosted.

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Originally Posted by godspeed

Try Interspire Email Marketer, it’s self hosted.

How you ensure the mail you have sent, not ended in junk folder ?

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^^ i do all things in layers…

I have Interspire and here is what I am doing:

1. set up campaign where I collect leads ( name, email, phone, etc )
2. send customer confirmation email
3. user double opts in, I send them AutoResponders/emails from my GetResponse account
4. if user doesnt double opt in, I put them into Interspire and mail them
5. if you get banned/account limited at GR/Aweber/iContact, you wont get your emails out of their system, so I also put double opt in into Interspire on a separate list, but I dont email them from it
6. to make sure i can inbox on my interspire stuff, I used relays like sendgrind, etc

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