Idiot affiliate manager, can’t tell if serious….?

Just told me that i was hosting their offer and I can’t do that, and they may take my leads away from me.

Im like wtf, what are you talking about. Person tells me that they saw the link on my website and its like this:

Then im like thats just a simple redirect…………….. not hosting the offer dumb shit.

Cant believe im wasting my time with this fool. Not to mention they never said you cant have a redirect like this in their offer description…

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…….newbie aff manager.

Haha what network is that on?

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Wasnt a network, actually an advertiser but they have their own network i guess for their own offers somewhat.. their offers are with almost every major network so i went direct with them…. i think they only have one main aff manager so dont want to really out them since the person is well known i would think….

im goin to start double cloaking and making sure no referrers are passed.. might even fake referrers.. thier checking my landing pages like 10 times a minute it seems…

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can you give us the vertical?

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What’s the bet they run internally too…

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they’re probably gonna take yer campaignz

The Article Published IN 07-08-2011 01:01 AM

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