If this wasn’t so slow

If this wasn’t so slow to load it might make a great PPV lander.…-plugin/407649 What are your thoughts?

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Very interesting dude! It looks cool. But performance wise? I dunno it looks a bit pretty and clever to work on PPV. Simple and ugly have worked best for me.

Nice find though!

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This is a cool find, I’m not a programmer but I’m sure this can be made a different way to load faster. Would defintiely be worth a split test to see how it does

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For $5, it’s worth a split test!

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I don’t really even think it’s worth testing at $5. It’s slow to process, and a big image + that script + the real lander is a lot to load. Most people close a ppv popup before it finishes loading (TV not withstanding) even when its a small file. And like our sheep herding friend said, ugly works. This is flashy and fancy and… well, I wouldn’t run it personally.

Neat idea though.

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Or make the lander very pretty at first glance and they may think its part of the site their on…

Worth a split test imo.

The Article Published IN 07-25-2011 10:37 PM

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