If your facebook ads are getting paused or stats are

If your facebook ads are getting paused or stats are way off here is why

HasOffers redirects are banned on Facebook pause your campaigns. So apparently the has offers default domain has been blocked, they are pausing ads that are using the domain and you are wasting clicks. has will not work with facebook in getting the domain unbanned but if any links go through Tell the network you work with to stop being a cheap ass and pay the 8 bucks for a custom tracking domain or subdomain.

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Hasoffers taking a beating lately, they’re also blacklisted for spam as well, noticed while I was trying to send some HTML drops a couple weeks ago, it’s rough out there being a pimp.

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Reaaally sucks for me I should have switched the links earlier, I just didn’t know this could happen, got like 100 ads with this domain on the CT URL that are getting paused nonestop, I don’t want to change the links back as I fear they’ll get disapproved, damn. -10 points HasOffer, -10 points me

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I’ve had this happen before. While I waited for a new url from the network I just did a full iframe of the offer page. I used the site below to make sure the offer wouldn’t break the frame.

Here is the full page iframe code I used.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>Insert Aff Offer Name</title>
<body style="margin:0; padding;0;">
<iframe src="" style="width:100%; height:100%; border:0;"></iframe>

In my case I was actually sending traffic to a Facebook page and the links on the page were getting that error message.

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