I’m getting srubbed hard on dating?

Hey guys,

I’m having this problem over and over again. The dating offer performs very well in the beginning, 15-17% conversion rate after 300+ clicks.
But after 2-3 days the conversion rate just dies on me, 2-4%. Same offer, but with the winning ads that was making money yesterday and did get a good conversion rate. There is nothing wrong with the traffic, 100% from Facebook. I’m not using any LP.

Can’t tell why they are scrubbing almost everything I’d run???

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There is nothing wrong with the traffic, 100% from Facebook

That’s the key. I read somewhere, in the past few days, that it is the dating ads that facebook users find the most irritating.

Remember that facebook is a *social* platform. They’re not there to be ‘sold’ to. Exchanging messages, photos, videos and pictures of amusingly-shaped vegetables is what floats their boat.

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How big is your demo?

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I think it’s normal.

Dating sites make money by backed sales.

They determine the payout on the average % of people that convert from leads to sales.

If your traffic converts below that % they will either scrub you , or be honest and let you know about this and agree on a lower payout that works for both.

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@abcd: it’s about 200k, all clicks are from people over 30+.

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