Importing Reports to CPVLab

hey guys, just got cpvlab yesterday so have a few questions..

1) Importing reports from TV – Can I import all of my campaign reports in one go or do I have to upload each campaign individually to get the URL data for each campaign?

2) How do i get TV to record my conversions to include them in my reporting so I don’t have to paste my subids all the time?

3) Difference between stats/reporting – can you get the stats feature to show accurate CPV at the URL level or is it only able to give you an averaged campaign CPV because it is live?

cheers guys

User Comment:
personally all I have ever done is take the average cpv and use that….

and then place a pixel…not sure why your uploading stuff at all except missed conversions…..

Yes it will be an average….but its often close enough to find what works…..

The Article Published IN 09-01-2011 11:08 PM

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