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Ello ello!

Sometimes it’s nice to hear about other people are kicking ass, just to get a bit of inspiration or some positive feng shui.

So if you have a success story no matter how big or small we would like to hear it!

This week alone I was PMd a couple of success stories.

Let your wins be heard!!

P.S. Each success story deserves their own thread.

User Comment:
can you ask them to post in their own thread….motivation is always good for everyone.

User Comment:
so is this success section for people to come in and say ‘hit $xxxx a day finally’ and others coming in saying ‘congrats scale scale scale’

that’s what i think it is. think about it, food for thought.

User Comment:
This section is for people to post their results and inspire others.

Personally I get inspired when other people do well, plus it’s good to know I’m doing my job well.

It’s not a section for everyone. Some people just like to keep to themselves.

User Comment:
@Green Man : can you sticky this post ?

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