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Hey guys,

I’m in the process of setting up my own path and I wanted some advice on how I should set up my info gathering page from someone with experience in coreg.

As you know we have to get our pages approved, and they have some restrictions. Here is what Justin @ GT said to me via email, "it’s important to avoid using the word "free" or definitively telling a user they won something. Jobs related paths are not allowed carrier restrictions don’t allow us to run mobile offers in them."

So if we can’t make it seem as though they won something, how exactly can we collect their personal address and phone number while still seeming legit? Could anyone share how they do it without completely outing their campaign?

Thanks in advance!

User Comment:
"your eligible to win a…."

"You qualified to win a…"

User Comment:
Alright I guess I kinda over thought that part lol. I just wondered why anybody would fill out that info unless they actually "won" something. Thanks bro

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