Installing other stuff on a Prosper domain?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if there’s any performance advantage / disadvantage from redirecting to prosper from the same domain? I tend to run all my traffic through a custom redirect script, so the set up I’m referring to would be:

1. User clicks link to
2. User is redirected to Prosper, also installed on, which sends them to landing page / offer.

It seems like the redirect might go faster if both files are on the same domain, but maybe it’s irrelevant as long as they’re on the same server. I’m also not even sure if you can put other files / folders on a Prosper domain without messing it up.

Anyone know anything about this?


User Comment:
In theory putting both on the same domain should be "a tad" faster since there is no extra dns lookup required.

However the change probably is insignificant ( 100-200 ms ).

Also , just create a folder on the root of p202 and put all your lps there.

User Comment:
Thanks, bbrock. Sounds like the more significant latency savings comes from putting your LPs on the same domain…

The Article Published IN 07-01-2011 09:11 PM

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