Internation private proxies ( EU mainly )

Hey guys ,

anyone has any reliable sources for private intl proxies?

I was looking for Italy , Spain , France , Australia , New Zeland.

For other countries I’ve used anonymous-proxies but they don’t have these.

Any other sources?

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I’ve been pretty happy with Overplay VPN. Can switch between countries in seconds and most countries have at least 2 different servers. For $10 a month I feel I get a heck of a lot more value than grabbing proxies from xroxy or somewhere else.

May or may not be what you’re looking for. For straight up manual research it’s great but if you’re scraping and need to rotate proxies it’s probably not what you need

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Yeah , I use overplay too , but in this case I need proxies I can use from PHP directly.

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the problem i have with overplay is tha most of the times my internet connection gets real slow, or doesnt work at all…

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If you’re a publisher with Epic Direct, you can get the Geo Surf toolbar for free.

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Yeah , but the toolbar is some kind of VPN , not a proxy.

I need proxies ( ip : port ) so I can use from PHP.

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If you find a good source, let me know, cuz my proxies always get turned over quick where I’m using them and I’d rather buy in bulk.

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I have used US proxies from here a while ago when I was doing craigslist stuff. Although I never used the other countries but they maybe worth a go. They have every country under the sun and they update the list every couple of minutes…

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well prob could just set up a basic hosting plan like cheap and install some proxy software and run that? I have to believe you can find some cheap hosting in those countries….I set up a few local servers here in the states just to use for that purpose…can swap ip’s as needed….etc…works great for locating ones ip next to the cc address

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I use…lgqtwuhw5lte60 (my aff link)
For $25 a month you get 8 different proxies from this list

Argentina Sante Fe
Australia Perth
Austria Vienna
Brazil Brazil
Canada Ontario
Cyprus Limassol
Czech Republic Prague
Denmark Copenhagen
France Billancourt
Germany Hurth
India Maharashtra
Italy Ferrara
Japan Japan
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Netherlands Amsterdam
Singapore Singapore
South Korea Seoul
Spain Barcelona
Sweden Stockholm
Thailand Bangkok
United Kingdom Maidstone
USA Chicago
USA Dallas, Texas
USA Indiana
USA Las Vegas, Nevada
USA Los Angeles
USA New York
USA Scranton, Pennsylvania
USA Tampa, Florida

Another I use is as they cover a few countries that proxybonanza does not ( non aff link )

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I wonder if you could somehow use a CDN as a proxy service…. and somehow selectively change nodes… hmmm.

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Originally Posted by bbrock32

Yeah , but the toolbar is some kind of VPN , not a proxy.

I need proxies ( ip : port ) so I can use from PHP.

You can also use openvpn from a PHP script. You can start the vpn with a command and close it by sending a signal. Feel free to contact me, if you need some example code.

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