International Traffic Sources?

Hey guys,

Fairly new member here just wanted to ask a newbie question to get it out of my system so i can start pumping out some case study’s of my own.

Im looking to advertise in foreign markets, especially Asian markets, im wondering what my best options are for PPC and PPV even in those regions.

Does Baidu have their own ad network?

How about RenRen or any other asian social networks?

This is all new to me so any pointers and tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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baidu have own ad network like goolge adsense. but for chinese verified by gov sites only. and too many social networks, biggest users top5: qzone/renren/kaixin001/51/chinaren

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Yes, as richardx said, Baidu has its own ad network, both a content and search network. To access it, you do need a Chinese company identification number.

That said, both Baidu and RenRen basically cater only to Chinese consumers, so if you’re looking at Asian markets other than China, Japan and South Korea, Google tends to be king.

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To add to what I said above (not sure why I can’t edit my post), I would look into joining an Asia-focused affiliate network like, whose owner was recently interviewed on AffiliatePaying.

If they’re a half-decent network (and I can’t vouch for them, since I’ve never used them), they should be able to point you in the direction of some decent local traffic sources.

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In terms of PPV try

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