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Hey guys

I’d recently started my own internet marketing service company. I’ve already got some clients through friends and family.
But it’s time to start marketing my company, of course I’m gonna do some SEO and PPC on the obvious keywords. But the competition is very hard (no shit, Sherlock) for those keywords.
I’m trying to think outside the box on how to promote my business, but I’m not getting anywhere and thought maybe some STM member are doing something similar and could give me some advices.

No, I’m not gonna steal your clients. Unless they live in Scandinavia

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Best advice I could give you is pick a niche and market yourself as *THE* guy to go to for internet marketing in that niche. For instance, plumbing, electricians, mechanics, etc. Find something you actually know a thing or two about and approach those types of businesses to offer your services. If you know their lingo and how their industry works it’s easy for them to see you as the perfect fit for their advertising needs. Offer basic stuff like Facebook fan pages (which provide a coupon when liked, naturally), setting up a mailing list (use something user friendly like mailchimp that they can handle), local advertising with Facebook and PoF, etc. These things seem magical to your average Joe Six-Pack brick and mortar business owner and can make you some decent money. Best part is most of it can be outsourced for next to nothing.

Good luck in your venture!

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Hey man, I would suggest approaching local small businesses directly. Research the ones in your area, check out their websites, and put together some basic information about what you can do for them. Pick the low-hanging fruit –> the companies with terrible web sites and zero metatags, etc. These are places where you can really bring results with some basic best practices. They are also more likely to hire someone that’s not well established. Once you get a few crappy small businesses, you use them as references and expand your reach. They probably know other small business owners that need help. I know some web guys who do networking via local business organizations like their chamber of commerce or whatever. Get to know other business owners in your area and some of them are bound to be looking to improve their web presence…

Just some thoughts…

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offer a freebie to get them to listen to you like setting up a fanpage for them….with a reveal tab….i still have a realtor license and get easily 2-4 google services ppc/seo calls a day, i dont even let them finish now its so constant…..they are all the same…."Hey I was calling to let you know that we are looking for a realtor in XYZ to be placed at the top of google,etc…."

i am sure lots of other industries get those calls too every day…….definitely call not email because i get at least 20 seo/minisite/social marketing emails a day since everyone scrapes our emails online like every other industry…do an actual case study of how you helped a client with a video of screenshots showing the actual change in client rank or example of a facebook ad campaign or something……because if someone called me and said hey i just emailed me a video showing a case study of how they helped xyz client double their business in 6 months and just wanted to see if you think this would benefit your business……then i would actually go look at the email

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I am actually looking for a SEO/ PPC company to outsource one of my prospect. Let me know your rates and if possible ( some track record ) and i can let you a little more on the details if i see there is a match.

Do note that this will be a pitch to a client and i am outsourcing the online marketing portion as my company currently does not provide this type of services.

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Offer a free website review service and then convert these into paying clients

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If you got clients, pitch social media, FB. You can set up their fan pages, get likes, do local fb advertising to drive clients to their page, that is probably the quickest way you can get results, and a following.

I used to do search marketing for local companies here in oregon, but collecting payments and non payment were a huge hassle, so I am just doing affiliate offers, and some other things.

An example, I had a guy that builds pole barns, I generated over 40k worth of business in 3 months, all leads from his website.

Had an owner of a local day spa want to get customer, we advertised through FB targeting women 30-55 offering free masage, and generated alot of interest.

Really a lot you can do.

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The easiest thing that worked for me when I did consulting is to partner with other firms who lack your specialty. Back in the day I was the SEO / PPC guy and there was a lot of web design firms that didn’t have the time/resources to hire someone full time so they did all the heavy lifting of finding/retaining clients, I just charged them a flat fee for my time around 50 to 100.

Also, get out there and meet people in the business community, don’t be a "hard" sales guy, but let people know what you do and it will be matter of time before leads start pouring in.

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