Intl TrafficVance Text Link Traffic Question?


Anyone else running these, whats the average ctr so far I am around 5%?
Do they have a variable to pass in the city in the ad text?
What varation of text links have provided the best results form you?

Ive only experienced just the text link with text, no images or videos.

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I’ve had luck using image ads for the US.

CTR was around 4% but backend conversions were good.

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I tested the 300×250 in the USA got the clicks and a decent ctr but never got a positive ROI…..I think alot of time people accidentally click the link…..there is def money to be made there just need to do the testing…..and find what words work…..

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Right now im getting around 50% roi from just the text links, havent tried the other varations they have.

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Does anybody know of any networks that sell text links similar to TV?
I’m looking to buy 300×250 banner space

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infolinks, kontera, are the 2 big ones…..last I checked kontera has a 2.5k min ….info links just opened up their self serve

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Anyone have experience with InfoLinks?

Looks like they’ve got some good volume…

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I’m testing infolinks at the moe, only text ads tho!
I’ll check out kontera and see what its like

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Are you doing TV intl text links? Im currently spending xx a day with them and I want to scale it up, do you have any tips for getting a higher CTR on keywords?

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