Is AM selection random?

When applying to networks, do they use a set of criteria for assigning affiliate managers to affiliates or is it random?

For instance, if I say I’m going to be doing this full-time from the get-go and I have a budget of $50k to start, am I going to perhaps get a more experienced AM assigned to me? Whereas if I say I have $100/month to spend starting out I might get a less experienced AM?

I don’t yet have the experience to tell shit from Shinola as far as AMs go so I’m trying to understand what I can do to increase my chances of getting an AM that wants to fast-track me to establishing a relationship that’s mutually beneficial and profitable for both of us. I’ve seen some horror stories about bad AMs on other forums and I’d like to do anything I can to mitigate against those scenarios.


User Comment:
If you feel your AM is not doing a good job, you can always request from the CPA network owner to get replaced. a good AM will speed up your journey.

The Article Published IN 08-11-2011 12:19 AM

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