Is excluding iphone/android worth it?

Hey guys sometimes on people follow along pof campaigns I see people excluding iphone/android carriers but I have never done it myself and I was wondering is it worth it?

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Lately I’ve been doing this. There is a decent amount of traffic, that most likely won’t convert well unless your page is optimized for a mobile browser so might as well take it off. I do notice that CTR on mobile ads tends to be fairly high but conversions usually aren’t as good.

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I always exclude mobile browsers because 99% of the time people won’t bother with your ads on a mobile device. 1) If they’re using the mobile phone PoF app, there are no ads, so that’s out. 2) If they’re using the phone browser to go to pof, they probably won’t want to bother with clicking ads and filling out offers, considering the nature of the device.

The only time I’d say not to exclude is when you’re specifically targeting mobile browsers and promoting mobile-friendly offers but that’s even a stretch. I’ve personally never had any luck with that.

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Exclude for sure. You’re wasting clicks unless it’s optimized for mobile.

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thanks for all the responses guys gonna exclude them on my campaigns for now on

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many merchants still haven’t woken up to mobile traffic requirements when creating theri landers.
I was LMAO this week when I saw a CPA offer for the Iphone 5 with a Flash lander.

The Article Published IN 09-11-2011 03:04 PM

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