Is there an easier way to do this [PHOTOSHOP QUESTION]

Is there an easier way to do this [PHOTOSHOP QUESTION]

there must be an easier way to do this. I am trying to incorporate this gif into my banner:

this is how I did it:

took 4 screen shots of all 4 of the frames, cropped the part i needed, and than made 4 different versions of my banner. Than I took all 4 versions of them and made a frame by layer type gif.

please tell me an easier way to do this!

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it’s a little tricky… my photoshop is in german… let’s try:

– File -> Import -> Video Frames ("Video to Layers" or similar…)
– navigate to the folder with your animated .gif
– enter "*.*" (without "") in the "Name" field
– press the button and have fun with your .gif

just hide/show the layers you need in every frame of your animated gif

cheers, ms.

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LOL I just went through this… this is how you do it

Open it in Photoshop… it should automatically have the animation frames on the bottom of the page. This is CS5. In the upper right theres like a little dropdown where you can "Copy Frames"

Open a new banner with the dimensions you want. View animation panel. Go to that same drop down and "Paste Frames"

Just make sure to select all frames and layers when moving things. Also add other layers after you move the gif, makes life easier.

Too lazy to take screen shots sorry.

User Comment:
@The Angry Russian I got excited at your post because
it never occurred to me that opening a GIF in PS could
show me all the frames.

I opened it in CS3 and got this:

"This is an animated GIF. You can only view one frame. Saving over this file will result in a loss of information."

I assume this would work in CS5 though?

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