Is this significant? What should I do here, if anything?

Is this significant? What should I do here, if anything?

I have a campaign that’s split into 4 age groups. Been running for about a month and a half, injected some new pics in here and there. Over the last week the CR has been doing some funky stuff and I can’t seem to find any patterns. The CTR at PoF is more or less the same, the landers CTR is >50% but the actual offer CR will go from 25% to 50%+.

My main comparison point was yesterday (9/10) to last saturday (9/3). I’m trying to get a good weekparting strategy with this set of camps but I’m wondering if it’s just a volatile niche campaign and I should just let it go since one day it will be +$40 and the next day it will be -$40.

So here are my main questions:
– Is this significant data? Do I need to keep it running longer and keep all things equal?
– Is it the offer? Like I said above my lander CTR is above 50% consistently, so I don’t understand the wavering CR.

thanks for any feedback. I’ve been slicing and dicing numbers on this one for a couple hours today and I think my brain is fried.

Here’s my network stats for the last week or so with this offer:

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