Is This What IM Has Been Reduced To?

Sorry, after last night I just couldn’t help myself!

User Comment:
Is that from wickedfire?

You’ll actually lose money if you spend time on that forum.
Which is why I’m not a member.

User Comment:
Yeah it is wickedfire.

User Comment:
Haha look at that sticky: NO pics of children please.


User Comment:
Nothing useful there.

User Comment:
lol at the nothing useful there ,..there are tons of information there if you dig deep enoigh..and you are posting a screenshot of the shooting the shit section, and people shoot the shit there ..

User Comment:
Hence the name ‘Shooting The Shit’, plus the place is full of trolls these days who don’t even make any money online. There is useful info in the other sections though especially Traffic and Content.

The Article Published IN 08-18-2011 02:03 PM

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