It’s all about the Impressions and How High you can

It’s all about the Impressions and How High you can get!

subject line get you ?!

here is what I mean:

Basic and Simple, but how we all forget the basics.

My Gift from LEADSCON.

If you have high volume level per day (impressions)
high impression CTR (clicks on your ad from those impressions)
high conversion (‘sales’ from those clicks)
high payout (how much you make per ‘sale’)
= $$$$$$

If you have low volume (few ads shown a day)
low impression CTR (few ads clicked on in a day)
low conversions (few clicks turning into conversions)
low payout (little money paid per ‘sale’)

100,000 impressions per day
ctr 10%
cvr 10%
payout $10
=10000 clicks
1000 conv
$10,000 revenue

10,000 impressions per day
ctr 1%
cvr 1%
payout $1.50
=100 clicks
1 conv
$1.50 revenue

$10,000 vs $1.50 revenue

Now that is exaggerated, but it shows how its top down.

You can have any of the other numbers HIGH and get it to work. Though, if you get it to work the way I show you. It’s a flood vs a flow.

You Want to make a great 1st impression and get High on All Variables! THEN the monies will flood not just flow.

Oh and How ?!
Only 2 ways!
1. Intelligence (see what others are doing for more then 2weeks and less then 2yrs)
2. T.O.T.E. (test)


User Comment:
what is this, i don’t even…

User Comment:
Lol Phoenix you gone cold turkey on your yoga or something?

Your post makes total sense, but the way it’s written suggests there has been use of illegal substances during the creation of the post.

Who mentioned this at leadscon?

User Comment:
nah, I was just having fun with subject title and copy on a dry topic. but I did have a guy in front of the double-positive booth say " hey im from walnut creek and have insurance offers. lets meet up and do lunch… I’ll bring the doobie!" sooooo maybe I was thinking of that 😛

and this came from panel by Capital One/CitiGroup/ Kayak/Leads360/ on how they structure their campaigns

yoga LOL… I would never do that crap. I know people that have ACTUAL degrees in bio-mechanics and how the body works vs. some tofu sucking fool who blindly follows some marketer who was smart enough to wrap his head in a towel and charge people $200 an hr, but thanks for re-affirming to the kiddies that Uncle Phoenix is ‘alright’ next time maybe even YOU can hang with the ‘wolfpack’ in Times Square

User Comment:
Did someone say wolfpack?

User Comment:
LOL. finally someone gets the joke. AWESOME friggin meme

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