It’s Been Quite Some Time

Hey guys,

I just would like to share with you guys as this game really works! Just don’t give up and you will eventually find out something that works for you.

After I joined STM, I’ve learned a lot and finally have my 1st profitable campaign after some time. I’ve twisted the methods taught here and make them my own versions of doing/running things.

The campaign is not that huge but it’s consistent with 30% – 50% ROI for a few days already.

Do not learn only, apply what you learn will eventually bring you to where you want!

Thanks for everyone who often contributes to this forum.

You guys simply rock!

I hope to share more impressive success stories with you guys sooner!


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Bro, keep on the good work.

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Congrats dude!

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Way to go! Great hearing that you found something working!

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Nice work, keep it up!

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Congrats man. My favorite part to hear was that you twisted something you found to make it your own, and that’s what made you profitable. That’s what I did back in the day to scale IQ up big on Facebook and it was a wild fun ride! I love how i was only rewarded once I did something unique.

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The Article Published IN 08-03-2011 03:43 AM

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