JAFA Alert – Yes you kiwis know what I mean

JAFA Alert – Yes you kiwis know what I mean

Aucklanders are real people too

So yeah from NZ obviously, just signed up a few days ago and really liking what I see.

I’m coming from a digital media background – have been in the industry for a few years now as a designer / php developer. Over working for peanuts so I’m looking to learn some cpa/cpv skills and create my own destiny.

Really interested in the lead gen space and currently working on creating some of my own physical products. I enjoy the creative process that goes with creating a product so hopefully I can learn / teach a few things along the way …

Nice to meet you all

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Oh man just another farking aucklander! My lord where are my Wellington boys at?!

Haha welcome dude! You should definitely come to the bi-monthly affiliate meet-ups in Auckland. There are a few good people that turn up.

What kind of products are you thinking of creating?

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I was down in Wellington a few weeks ago actually – loved it. The city has a really nice character to it.

Products that cater for ladies – cosmetics, skincare. Working on a couple of products at the moment.

I’d been keen on the affiliate meetups – where can I find more info on this?

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Oh very nice!

I’ll let you know about the meetups, it’s pretty loose at the moment.

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Welcome aboard fuzzball. Always nice to see another Aucklander on here!

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I’m keen to attend the Auckland meetup is there’s one on. Keep me in the loop! Mr Green, did you say there was one planned for this month?

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There was one planned but a few people were going to some conference so it got canned. Will let you all know when the next meetup is on!

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Welcome to the forums mate!

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Welcome from one JAFA to another

Lorenzo, I’m also keen to hear about any future meetups


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