Javascript Exit Pop Up And Redirect Script?

I had this put can’t find it anymore, so if anyone is willing to share theirs that would be great!

Pretty much Im looking for one that pops a javascript thing that says some info, and only an ok button, then another pop thing that says stay on page or cancel with more info, then if they cancel to stay on page, they get redirected…


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Here you go

<script type="text/javascript">
    var ShowExitPopup = true;
    function ExitPage() {
        if (ShowExitPopup) {
            ShowExitPopup = false;
                location.href = "YOURREDIRECT.COM";
                return '*************************************************nToday's Special 80% OFF Discountn*************************************************nnWait... Before You Go:nnWe want to offer you a special discount that is normally restricted to only friends and family.nnYou can SAVE BIG by clicking the cancel button below.nnYou will get my entire system for only $29.95  That is $120.00 OFF the normal price of $149.95.nnTo get INSTANT ACCESS to the "friends and family" discount page where you can access this exclusive offer, click on the CANCEL button below.nn*************************************************nToday's Special 80% OFF Discountn*************************************************';

Replace this with your <body> tag: <body onbeforeunload="return ExitPage();">

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Doesnt work in chrome? Or at least didnt for me…

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Works fine for me in Chrome too

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Yeah, can’t get it to work for me… – added in the body tag <body onbeforeunload="return ExitPopup();"> but still nothing seems to pop up when I refresh/delete/click elsewhere…

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I am sorry guys, totally forgot about the body part. Edited my post above with the code.

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