Jumptap Support?

Do you know how I can reach someone for help relating to my account at Jumptap?

I can’t get my account to unpause.
The reasons they stated don’t apply to me.

User Comment:
You have to keep a minimum of $1 in the account for it to be active

User Comment:
Have $40+ in it.

User Comment:
Contact your rep.

User Comment:
check your account daily spend budget? ya best thing is to get in touch with a rep over there.

User Comment:
Don’t got no rep welcoming me when I signed up.

They finally replied and it was my account’s daily budget amount. Silly me, I was only focused on changing the campaign’s budget.

User Comment:
try [email protected] – she is very responsive.

The Article Published IN 08-04-2011 01:04 PM

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