Just wondering if anyone else has had the same thing happen to their Plenty of Fish campaigns.

I have about 10 campaigns running on the 110×80 ads. Found a handful of images and ads that seemed to be getting anywhere from .15 – .28 ctr. Which I felt was pretty good. Then within a night I can’t get better then a .07 ctr.

Since this has happened(near the start of June) I have tested about 25 different images and ads and all are showing the same low CTR.

I am strapped as to what I can do… The campaigns were showing a positive ROI before the crash. But since I haven’t been able to get the CTR back I am thinkin I should cut my loses!

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How many clicks did those images have before there CTR dropped overnight?

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generally around 50 clicks, some campaigns had more and some had less. I figured that maybe others were using the same stuff so there was burnout, thats why I started testing a bunch of new ones. all the new ones got low ctr as well.

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You will find that ads burn out quite quickly on POF – but that sounds like something is up. Generally 50 clicks should be okay to give you an idea of performance.

There are a lot of reasons why this can happen. If you are bidding too low then your ads will show much deeper into a user’s session (high CPM shows first – better CTR).

I suggest you bid higher. Go back to when you had decent CTR’s and look at the cross tab reports to see what demo clicked then target them directly.

look at impressions as well – did you get a surge of impressions when your CTR fell? This is possible when competition drops off.

Also, 25 images is not nearly enough…If you are targeting men, don’t worry too much about the ad copy at first. Just test images.

the 110×80’s compete with the 728×90 banners. I know that there were some changes to where the 728’s display and also the way the 728’s outbid the 110’s.

POF is very dynamic

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@deondup – thank you for the info. I will load up a bunch more pictures and see if I can bring some decent ctr back!

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Same shit over here.Man i had campaigns with 0.3 + ctr and today i restarted them they have like 0.05 ctr.I guess its releated to the change of IAB’s and the clickers/non clickers targeting option.

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It’s a mix of what you said, + in bnords case sometimes 50clicks isn’t enough to generalize a CTR. That could just be the CTR for that day/time.
Either way prob a mix of both + sometimes multiple people using same banners/demos. This type of stuff happens on facebook all the time too

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I was bidding over 0.9 for <50 log in count females yesterday and couldn’t achieve a decent ctr with my proven images.Well, i’ll give it another try tonight it might be because of the day ( wednesdays always suck for me in terms of both ctr & cvr on pof) .

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From my experience the low login counts are not worth the premium you pay. Its WAY too competitive/expensive for the return.

If you have fresh ads and a unique angle then you can target > 100 logins and still get very cheap traffic. Just dont do the typical dating ads. Find an offer that’s unique or take an angle that is unique. There are so many options. Like FB, good CTR’s take hard work.

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I usually bid 0.6-0.8 for <50 logins on competitive demos,yesterday it was like something wrong with female demo,i have no problems with male demos tho.
It is best to go with segmented bidding,creating different campaigns for different login counts and bidding different.

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I found the same – and I’ve had the same ads running for months… in different niches. I track everything in Google docs so can see changes over the weeks in one glance, and everything has dropped on the ctr. I managed to boost my conversions with some landing pages recently, but that only compensated for the drop off in the ctr’s of recent….. That’s in both male and female demos…

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110×80’s are now displayed on the inbox page which will lead to more traffic & less CTR. However, conversion rates should go up now as a result from being on the inbox as well.
Optimize accordingly ladies & gents!

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I’ve noticed the lower CTR but not the higher conversions yet. When you say "optimize accordingly" I’m not to sure how we should tweak our ads or demographics to accommodate the new placement. If the ads were no longer being shown on core pages, that’d be different, but it sounds like PoF is just adding a new location for the ads.

I could optimize if I was able to define where my ads were displayed (i.e. search results vs inbox) but with it all being lumped in together, how would you recommend optimizing for that?

(Not looking for a play-by-play, just generally)

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I believe session depth would be the first place I would start. You know lower session depth = inbox hits (as people check their messages and what not) and higher session depth would be more profile browsing or "my matches" so i would bid more for early session depth and lower for higher session depth.

To be honest, I’m not sure of the best way but I think it would be something like that ^

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