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Maybe this is a weird topic but just take a look. You are starting a DL campaigns for a gaming offer on TV. After some time you are checking the results in CPVLab or Prosper. Here they are. I’m just curious, what are you doing with this campaign?

Totals: Offer’s payout: $1.50 – $2.00
Cost: $129.00
Revenue: $47.25
Profit: -$81.75


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Your main winning URL is I would pause all the keywords that are losing money. Find other sites that are similar to and test my offer over sites like that.

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it looks like the only clear winning URL you have is

I’d suggest you research that domain – its demo – the type of game it is – and find more URL’s that are like it to bid on. Just pause everything else since it will likely just hemorrhage money. There has been so many times I’ve "gotten more data" on targets and I just waste money. The nice thing about PPV is you can see potential in a URL pretty quickly. Out of this blanket test, you can now see which type of URL to focus on for that particular offer.

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Originally Posted by index

There has been so many times I’ve "gotten more data" on targets and I just waste money.

Yeah. I’m actually about $3.000 in red for the last months just because of "I have to get more data", "this offer must work somehow" and "I have to stick with one campaign and make it work before jumping to something else" in my head…

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I ran a similar campaign like that DL’ing on trafficvance. I agree with the above really analyze the demographic of your winning URL then go find other games realted to your winner. In my experience you’ll be going after MMO type games. It’s funny b/c a lot of those URL’s are the same ones I’ve ran my gaming traffic to. I’d say at least 80% of them are identical.

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