Just started my first PPv campaign what is good hosting

Just started my first PPv campaign what is good hosting for PPV

Ok guy so I started my first PPV campaign I am currently on shared hosting with hostgator.

My question is do I need better hosting like a VPS for example.

If so can you educate me a little for example what effect will this sort of traffic have on shared hosting, for example will it slow my landing page down, will it mess with my tracking (using prosper also hosted on hostgator)

This is a new area for me so not 100% sure, am happy to upgrade my hosting so if its needed could anyone reccommend a good provider? or could I just upgrade with hostgator to save some headaches?

Cheers in advance

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I’m in the same boat as you, on Hostgator and only got a couple of first lp campaigns up. The advice I’ve got is we should be sweet with what we’ve got for the time being until you scale up and are sending heavier traffic. From what I’ve heard I’ll move to Beyondhosting later but only once I step my game up! I have Prosper installed and tracking fine on my hostgator so for now I’m staying with it!

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If you do small volume ( less than 5000 views a day ) you can still stay at Hostgator.

When time will come to look for a VPS / Dedi I would go with BeyondHosting.

Their prices are good and support is top notch ( there is a coupon here to get everything at 50% OFF ) .

Plus they install tracking and optimize the server for you.

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ive used rackspace cloud for ppv with a ton of traffic ( that would normally crush a VPS ) and I have been loving that.

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If you got tracking202 working on shared hostgator(took me a few days to customize it), it’ll handle anything for your starter campaigns. I’ve been able to send ~1k views an hour(20k or so a day) and it was pretty good. However after 5k views a day, you should upgrade to at the bare min. a VPS. Just because of reliability/load times.

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Views as in each time lets say Traffic Vance sends you traffic to your landing page right? I hit the most 8k views the other day but average close to 4000.

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Yes, a view is when someone with the adware installed views your lp.

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Thanks bbrock32. Just spoke with Tyler (amazingly quick – great service!)
Going with the Starter Package from Beyond Hosting.…2-VPS-Hosting/
Looks like that would suit my needs for now. Good for 50k views / day! Awesome!

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