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I have started using, its really good for tracking expenses, cash flow, and has the ability to let you keep track of money owed (that the affiliate networks haven’t paid you yet). It integrates with your cc’s and bank accounts and pulls the info – and lets you track expenses by category. It also calculates how much you should be paying for quarterly taxes (you are doing that, right )

It’s a 30 day free trial then 9.95 a month and usually I would hate to pay for it but its really making life easier.

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Yo dude have you tried I tried that but I had trust issues haha, it looked fly though.

I can never relax having all my bank and cc details in one place :S.

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I always wanted to try Mint but i thought it was US only?

@Green, how did you get it to work for NZ?

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This was 2 years ago but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any problems with my Paypal, US bank account or NZ bank account.

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I use mint too. Same concept but this is for accounting, mint is more personal finance, just to see all your info in the same place. This just goes a step further.

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