Know Any High Risk CC Processors?

Does anyone know of any good ones?

I’ve been scouring the net and I’d like a referral from a forum member if possible before I decide which merchant processor to go with.

This will be for herbal supplements and a small volume initially.

I have pristine credit, so that won’t be a problem.

Also, any advice with CC processors would be greatly appreciate 🙂

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What country are you in and where did yo incorporate? Any processing history?

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U.S., California.

Not with this company other than Paypal Pro.

User Comment: might be what your looking for.

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I highly recommend Glacier Payments. They should be able to place you somewhere.

Travis Taylor CEO
Glacier Payments
direct: 406.545.2199 cell: 303.912.1018
tf: 800.651.0924 x201 fax: 888.453.3992
aim: TravisGlacier
[email protected]

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Travis is cool if you’re just starting out. He’ll hustle for you.

Once you move along some go with Jet Pay or Power Pay direct.

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Let me ping somebody this thread. They’ll chip in.

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I can get anything placed (and I mean anything) – with or without processing history, as long as you can show good financials. PM me or AIM – papajohn56

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Thanks everyone for the direction!

I’ll investigate all the options and get this setup!

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