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i really hate the fact that i can’t talk openly since every idea/angle/demo/adcopy etc. will be stolen/copied(!)/adapted within minutes (see stacks "$40K IQ Quiz thread" for example). but I guess that’s how it works and it’s the hidden price we all have to pay if we want to make a step further. and hell yeah, i’m a noob, so who would be stealing my stuff anyway? whatever!

f*ck it, i am still learning and I will probably be rich by the end of next year (latest)

a n y w a y…

I would love to get a feedback on my "lander":

same integration as a facebook app:

don’t be nice. just put away those silk gloves and give me a feedback!

and another question:
do think something like this could work? it’s not the kind of lander i normally see…

cheers, dan

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Mind your load time. There’s a lot of free tools out there that will analyze load time across various geos.

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I agree, it’s annoying to read the comments like those on the $40K mobile campaign post and see people who expect to be able to copy a campaign word for word, and complain when it doesn’t work. But personally I don’t care because I’m still getting what I wanted from the forum, which was to see how better affiliates than me are making campaigns work so I can improve my own campaign development. So take what you find useful and leave the rest, and share what you can without too much worry. Besides, your niche, the iPhone, is so massive that there’s little risk of anyone saturating it.

Moving on…I like your lander. It’s very appealing, graphically. But that’s not to say that it will work, because oftentimes the uglier stuff does better. I can’t really understand what it says, but I did try out google translate on it for a basic idea. My one suggestion, since the iPhone basically sells itself, is to make clear why someone stands to gain from purchasing through you, as opposed to the probably hundreds of other locations/sites they could buy the same phone, for the same price. I think you have to convince people why they should trust some no-name website, instead of buying from an established brand or electronics store or whatever…Perhaps you could accomplish this by targeting potential iPhone customers who have a different, popular cellphone but are unhappy with how it performs. And then they would find your site more appealing because you are talking directly to their problem/need and suggesting the solution they were already thinking about…

Good luck.

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I guess you’re working on it at the moment? Getting an error when trying the linked url:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 213

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i resampled the images and made thumbs for the small ones. i also cleaned up the code a bit to make the site load faster… speed to me is like "oh, damn, we all do have broadband, don’t we?" 😉 I guess 1 second could easily cost 20% of the conversions… thank you!

wow, what an input, thank you! I totally get your point (target audience/need/compelling copy/content creation etc.).

– basically there are 3 big mobile carriers in switzerland (estimation: a = 50%, b = 30%, c = 25%, rest < 5%).
– most Swiss are either with carrier a, b or c
– people do not buy their phones in my shop but I send them to the shop of their mobile carrier which they trust
– we don’t like to switch carrier but we love to have a new phone from time to time

our market is very well protected and by the end of the day we will stick with our carriers but have a brand new phone (and a new 2 yr. contract).

I don’t know if this explains my idea behind the lander or anything… 🙂

jup, I had to adjust something and killed my script -> it’s there again.

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there is 1 main product and 8 other products at the bottom of the page (the 9 most popular phones in my country)


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When I first start testing landing pages I’d test 3 vastly different pages/ideas. Changing up small things can help you optimize your campaigns but coming in wide at first usually gives you the best chance at gathering good data at the start. Should give you direction pretty quickly as 1 usually out performs the rest.

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I’ve been taking lp load times more seriously recently. I used to make huge graphic landers that were practically high res (see: for an example) and I never gave it any thought. I have this bad habit to forget that not everybody has a high speed internet connection. The pages load real fast for me, but I’ve got a 50 megabit connection, so, yeah.

I’ve started testing my pages with this tool:…FQWA5QodhgHLZA – if anyone knows of a better load time analyzer please let me know. It’s a pain to fill out that form every time I use it, but it seems to be pretty accurate.

After that I run my pages through Yahoo’s SmushIt tool to compress the images:

That helps a bit but at that point I’m still rocking iffy load times on some pages. The dating lander I just finished (Which is incredibly simple) was like 0.79 and I got it down to 0.70 which I guess is good enough, but some of my larger landing pages are still multiple second deals. Mostly it’s the initial connection to the site, and after that the big time consumers are CPV’s tracking javascript and any other random javascript files I’m calling. You can compress javascript to increase load time but I don’t want to risk doing that with my CPVLab tracking files, haha.

I suppose the load time from the tracking is minimal at best – and if the page still loads faster than it takes for the redirects to get it to the final offer page, I guess I’m doing ok. If anyone has any other tips to speed up load time, I’d love to hear them. (For reference I’m running my sites on a dedicated server with decent bandwidth and low server load, so the server shouldn’t be a bottleneck in the chain, or at least I hope it’s not.)

edit: I just found this for load time analysis. It’s a lot easier to use than the Gomez one (only need to put in the url). Figured I’d mention it.

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I’ve been using this lately:

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I have been using this lately and find it very useful.

User Comment: rocks!

you might want to have a look at these FF plugins:
Page Speed for Firebug:…/download.html

what a beauty! love the lander!

you could probably make .jpgs, 25% quality and the filesize would be 10 times smaller.

what about smaller screen resolutions?

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First of all, what traffic source are you trying this on? I assume it’s facebook, right? I think you compressed the images to much. Quality looks bad and I see tons of artefacts but this probably doesn’t matters with a younger audience. For 30+ I would definately change the lander to something more pro looking, you have space there so use it 😉 The next I would change is to get rid of all button/image borders. Instead of them, try to presell your offers more, WHY should they click through from your lander? What’s the motivation to click on the "Zum Angebot" Button from Swisscom? What’s in for me? I would probably rather only setup a lander for ONE carriage and presell it and telling people WHY your offer is better then the offer from Orange for example. This way you can target only people who are liking "Sunrise/Orange" and get them moved. Or you focus on the iphone itself and create a lander around it and only about the iphone offer (NO other phones on the page as well).

Sorry never done any mobile stuff in Switzerland so I don’t even know the commissions you can make but I guess it’s CPS based, right with a 30day cookie lifetime? Maybe you should try to create a list about people interested in new offers and savings from their favorite carrier? I think you have to come up with an angle to make this work as Swiss folks are pretty suspicious on stuff like that (at least I assume that)

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Reduce anxiety – try reducing the amount of options, a.k.a buttons. Right now each button has equal weight, which reduces the weight of the other buttons. I do landing page optimization as a service, and have raised relative conversion rates by over 120% by doing this. If you have 3 buttons of the same size that say ‘buy now’, ‘more info’, and ‘free demo’, although they have different meaning, graphically they have the same weight – 33.3% each. If you just tried removing ALL the buttons and leaving one, or removing the options below, and test the results I assure you will find some interesting shit. Also add some kind of verisign logo or something that makes you look trustworthy.

Also, try changing the main headline to something that conveys your value a little better. It should be short, but also tell the prospect why to choose you v.s. someone else, or why you are beneficial.

Last, go find like some free e-book or something that’s free that you can add as an incentive. Offer it and you will see higher conversion. And on the facebook lander try using buttons that match all the other facebook buttons so your lander looks like it’s supposed to be on facebook.

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@ppvnewbie, @vivid
thank you so much for your feedback.

so what you guys say is:
– create value
– focus!!
– reduce choice/options/anxiety
– create trust with a lock/verisign/trusted-shop logo/image
– offer a freebie

I tried to do all this (whitout the last one)

current version:

what do you think? am I getting closer?


– the cheapest iphone 4 in switzerland (which is probably even true..)
– your advantages
–> save 100 bucks (when purchasing online)
–> free SIM card (value of 40 bucks)
–> 2 years warranty
–> your voucher code: xxx

button: buy iphone 4 now

old version:

btw. i know there’s much space on the non-fb version but that is because i iframe the very same page into a facebook app

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wow, much better I think! You might think about using a similar color scheme as sunrise. I see sunrise has a facebook like button, including one on your lander might help.. But, of course, only testing will tell. Good luck buddy

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Originally Posted by movingshadow

what a beauty! love the lander!

you could probably make .jpgs, 25% quality and the filesize would be 10 times smaller.

what about smaller screen resolutions?

Thanks for the comment. That lander was just something I threw together real fast.

If the comments about making it faster and the resolutions was directed at me and not the OP, I should point out that I had to pull the plug on that campaign (hence sharing the lander here openly). I wasn’t worried about resolution because I was buying banners on sites for gamers (not social gamers either, like real pc gamers) and most of the people using those sites had high resolution monitors so I wasn’t too worried about the size thing. I also tested some other sized landers but that one did the best.

As for size, that was before I realized that load times were an issue. I mean the page loads fast enough for what it is but since I never got to run it full swing I’ll never know what impact the load time may have had.

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same color scheme, button style, facbook like button etc. as @jdrmar suggested (thanks!)

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nice! looks better now. seeing improvements in conversions?

Oh and those credit card logos are a no-no, you should get rid of those, they are only effective on checkout pages. it’s telling the viewer that you want them to spend money.

There’s a few more things you can do, but I’d like to see how this new one performs first

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also, change ‘buy iphone 4’ on the button to ‘Get iphone 4’

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@vivid thanks for the inputs!

spent: $ 92.49
made: $ 133.60

ROI = 44,48%

CR on salespage is currently at 1.24%

CTR on fb is 0.069%
– i’m working on CPC and CTR (images, copy etc.)
– audience is very broad, (like 20 – 50, M, Switzerland)

i am not sending much traffic at the moment since i’m still working on the page but i had a few conversions:

3 conversions so far:

– 1 conversion on the old page (

– 2 conversions on the new page
— 1 with fb-ads to the fb-integration (
— 1 with fb-ads to the new page (

I will change the button text and the CC icons now…

not losing money on this… hoooorray!!

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Great work buddy. Isn’t the payout something up to 120CHF for a lead with Sunrise? Thought I’ve seen payouts like this. Are you running this through TradeDoubler if I may ask you?

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@ppvnewbie yes, oldschool tradedoubler. the payouts depend on the plan the customers chose with their phone.

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@ z6marketing

I find this useful

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Originally Posted by movingshadow

@ppvnewbie yes, oldschool tradedoubler. the payouts depend on the plan the customers chose with their phone.

ah great, good luck man. If you want to chat in german hook me up on skype, you should already have my contact via twitter 😉

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i am looking for a (fake) "trust-buy-here-security-sign-seal-virus-free"-image… any1?

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jordan had some posted on his blog back when he had all the conversion scripts posted up. search for it

edit: here ya go!

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