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Hey guys!

Just found a thread on PPV Playbook bitching about using celebs / photos of celebs in your landers. What’s your opinion? Did anyone ever got sued just by using some photos of celebrities? I saw Stack using Justin Bieber in one of his landers so it looks like he doesn’t care about that?


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Yeah ?? could you provide me/us the link couldnt find that thread

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I think the LP he’s referring to is this:…istent-150-Day

I’d like to hear peoples opinions on this myself. I would be more comfortable using celeb images on PPV traffic than on for example Facebook.

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It may be luck of the draw, but during the A4D meetup one of the really big media buyers (spending hundreds of thousands a day) used to spend ~$90k/day on FB. They mentioned "accidentally" using a celebrity’s image on their image creative. That celebrity found out, got really pissed off, and got FB to give up the affiliate’s information. After all was said and done the affiliate got a C&D.

Of course, everyone’s experience may vary and you could completely skip a C&D and just straight get sued. Is it likely? Probably not. Is it possible? Anything is!

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I’ve received my fair share of C&D’s and not just from affiliate marketing. They 95% come before any actual trouble unless your doing something verrrry illegal!
You have to weigh out the conversion rate difference of using this celeb in your lander vs the % of you getting in any actual legal troubles. For using celebs in landing pages it’s pretty much common sense on the outcome..

– Using a celeb in PPV is a lot less risky than on FB
– Using a celeb on your landing page and spending $1000/day is a lot less risky than using a celeb on your landing page and spending $90,000 a day.

So if your using justin bieber on PPV and spending $40/day, you probably have nothing to worry about. If your running a $90,000 acai media buy across 1000 mainstream top-1000-alexa websites then your asking for trouble.


On another note Jay how was A4D meetup, i heard really good things!

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