Landing Page Guide (Conversion Rate Tactics) [Part 2]

If your not SELLING on your landing page, then your wasting your time. Think of people landing on your page the same as if a used car salesman sees someone walk onto their lot. You have to capture that person, otherwise your sales will decrease 10fold!

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Landing Page Guide (Conversion Tactics) [Part 2]

A Clear Sense Of Direction(flow)/Organization
Give your landing page a clear sense of direction and you WILL since an increase in conversions. Whether its a short or long landing page make sure your viewers eyes flow in the direction you want them to.

You do this with a mix of techniques, but simply put it’s with:
– Organization
– Keeping things simple
– White space
– Clear concise headlines/body text
– Arrows

NO Direction =…ue_Journal.jpg
Direction = or…nding-page.jpg

1 Simple Goal!!!
The whole landing page should relate to the FINAL goal you want the user to perform. If there’s anything other than 1 concise goal then your sending people mixed signals which will greatly take away from your conversion rate. This relates back to the point above, you need to keep a direction and that direction needs to be leading up to the final goal the whole time.

Remove Distractions
Shopping carts 99% of the time don’t have tabs or anything that will distract the user from paying, and neither should your landing pages!

Generally companies like to stay away from animation as it’s very web 1.0’ish. It’s not the most professional thing to to add to your website these days. With that said it still kills it when trying to get higher CTR or attention! (great for PPV landers!)

The same deal with animation applies with sound. It’s not favourited by companies, but if your looking to get as many clicks to the offer as you can, then sound will definitely help with that. Don’t be lazy, tons of affiliates are doing their own recordings for their landing pages, it’ll take you 10 minutes and it’s absolutely worth a split test! 8/10 times you’ll see an increase in CTR! (great for PPV landers!)

Use them, but don’t overuse them. They work great, but try not to have more than 2 on your landing page, and use them for either the main benefit of what your selling, or to point out the call to action.

The Word Free
There could be a whole semester course at a university on the psychology behind the word free. Simply put though, people love the word FREE even though it’s overplayed to shit. You need to utilize the word anyway you can. So use it however you can as long as it’s the truth. If your selling p90x you obviously can’t say it’s free but you can say things that it includes that are free! See where i’m going with this..

Throwing in the word ‘free’ in buttons such as this are best! (it makes the ‘free’ stand out)…ee_Button2.jpg

Matching Your Landing Page To Your Offer
There’s 2 main ways to go about creating a landing page around an offer:
A) You make your landing page match how your offer page looks. Copy the same colors, layout style, logos etc, this is generally a good idea, especially for offers with higher payouts
B) Make your landing page bold, bright, and loud, which will usually capture more clicks to your offer but not necessarily more conversions.

I can’t really tell you which one to go with, you’ll have to either split test or go with your gut feeling (split test is the obvious smarter option there). If your just doing a test though, a good safe way to decide will be to use loud landing pages for things with smaller payouts, and a matching landing page for higher payouts. The main reason to do this is because offers with higher payouts require a higher level of professionalism to convert the user, and loud pages usually don’t scream ‘professional’.

Testing Multiple Landing Pages
I always do whats called a "quick test" for campaigns. I throw up an idea of mine with 1 landing page, and 30 ads and i’ll see how it performs. Depending on how it looks/my gut feeling i’ll either toss the idea or do a 2nd test with more ads and 2 landing page. The easiest way to split test multiple landers is through your tracking software, either prosper202, CPVlab, Bevo, etc..

if your just starting out though, and want a quick landing page php split tester, use this.

if(rand(0,1) == 0) {
} else {

Colors For Different Niches
Most niches have certain colors that will represent them better. I don’t know much about it, but if you want it to play a role in your conversions then this a pretty neat guide on it:…ning-of-color/

Gently Caressing Your Users Into A Conversion
Lorenzo’s most recent post shows how you slowly need to engage users instead of rushing them.

When you think your done your landing page, read this section below:
– Is your landing page SIMPLE? Do you hold the users hand? (you should be!)
– Do you have a clear bold headline?
– Does your information flow together?
– Is there a simple goal thats clearly mentioned to the end user?
– Are you giving your users a sense of urgency? (you should be!)
(this doesn’t mean rush them, just give them something that will spark urgency (post #1)
– Do you have a unique selling point? (what sets you apart from other sites they’ve seen?)
– Do you have a large call to action?
– Finally, could a 10 year old girl navigate through your page? (this is the goal!)

The last thing i was going to talk about was different call to action options, such as buttons, and wording within the buttons, but i’m keeping that for a separate whole post because there’s tons of room / testing to be done in that area. I will tell you though out of all my landing pages i’ve ever made, words that relate back to "INSTANT" usually perform the best overall. People want things to work fast, and ‘instant’ is as fast as you can get!

I wrote a ton of stuff above, but just remember the most important thing is to make sure your landing page IS NOT OVERCROWDED! So select your conversion tactics wisely, and keep open space on your page with a strong direction to your call to action!

User Comment:

Colors For Different Niches
Most niches have certain colors that will represent them better.

There’s a book by Daniel Starch called Advertising; its principles, practice, and technique that goes in-depth into some color research. It’s nearly 100 years old but the research appears to still hold up. The book is free to read or download from Google since it’s so old. The color stuff starts on page 76 here.

From Cashvertising, the top color pairings ranked by consumer preference are:

  1. Blue-Yellow
  2. Blue-Red
  3. Purple-Yellow
  4. Red-Green
  5. Violet-Green
  6. Red-Green
  7. Blue-Orange
  8. Red-Orange
  9. Green-Yellow
  10. Purple-Orange

The blue-orange pairing is used constantly in movie posters because of the perceptions it creates in the consumer’s mind. Read more about it here:…geBlueContrast

Older people prefer blue, apparently due to the hazing/yellowing of the optical lens as people age. "In fact, the lens of the child’s eye may absorb only 10 percent of the blue light, whereas an elderly eye may absorb 85 percent of blue light. One theory is that this is nature’s way of protecting the eye against painfully bright light as we age." (source: Cashvertising)

Keep in mind that colors or pairings that are considered the most aesthetically/artistically pleasing may not necessarily be the ones that sell a specific product most effectively.

User Comment:
Great info as always!

Also, animated call to actions are just awesome for ppv in my experience.

User Comment:
I’ve seen both parts of your guide and I must admit that it rocks! I also like the layout to be plain and simple – it seems that it looks more trustworthy then

User Comment:
How could this great guide go unnoticed?! Awesome info right here!

User Comment:
got buried fast. bump bump

User Comment:
It’s so true regards complimentary colours. Artists use it all the time to make something pop out of the painting.

So you have three Primaries: Red, Blue and Yellow and when you mix two of the three together that creates the Secondary colour of those two colours.

Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green

So to make something pop you choose the opposite or Complimentary of that Primary you are using!

Red = Green
Blue = Orange
Yellow = Purple

See this on this colour wheel!…rtyfactory.gif

UPDATE: I changed the above to say Secondary and not complimentary as I typed in a hurry!! 🙂

User Comment:
FYI the primary colours are RGB and CMYK. Discussions of producing all colours from RBY is one of my pet peeves that makes me rage. Not that you said that, just couldn’t hold back my comment. Fingers…. can’t….stop… typing.

User Comment:

Originally Posted by zeno

FYI the primary colours are RGB and CMYK. Discussions of producing all colours from RBY is one of my pet peeves that makes me rage. Not that you said that, just couldn’t hold back my comment. Fingers…. can’t….stop… typing.

You can produce all colours from RBY, I took an art course on it in Southern France! And that is how artists have done it for centuries! Green is not a Primary Colour but a secondary and oddly enough when I took up art as a hobby and I had always used RGB with computers it annoyed the hell out of me too!!! 🙂 I am an old binary and hexadecimal guy and to me all numbers should be expressed #F4240, which is 1,000,000 in base 10!

User Comment:
RBY has been used by artists simply because of the more subtle colours it produces. A set of primary colours can be anything really, but when you talk about "THE" primary colours that can produce all colours in the visible light spectrum, in the additive colour spectrum (when something is producing light such as a monitor) you have RGB. In the subtractive colour spectrum (where something absorbs light, e.g. print) you have CMYK. Red/Blue/Yellow cannot produce the entire visible colour spectrum in either case.

People are taught RBY are primary colours in art, though this is often mistaken to mean their combinations can produce all visible colours. This is incorrect.

User Comment:
I recommend checking out for tips on optimizing landing pages / ads, etc. The free web clinics are a great resource, same as the blog.

User Comment:
Great guide!
I found exit popups works very well, but some of the networks can ban you..

User Comment:
@zeno: The technical aspect of what you wrote is of course correct. Although you must have better eyes that I if you can pick up the entire visible colour spectrum!!! 🙂

We are discussing how to make a colour POP on a lander and the easiest way demonstrate that is with the Colour Wheel as used by artists, hence why I mentioned it!

But thanks for the lesson 🙂

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